Review: FIFA 21

Fifa 21 is released now and it brings great innovations with it. Obviously the classics are all there. Fut, career mode and the volta mode introduced in FIFA 20 is now making it’s return.

The career mode sees one of the biggest improvements in the latest years. When you sim a game now, you can jump in whenever you like, instead of having to sim the whole match, you can sim a piece of the match and play in the rest of the match, so you still have some degree of control over the outcome.

I love how the transfers now work in career mode and bring greater immersion to the game.

What I have come to love is the FUT mode and trying to create your own best team. I love the transfer market and trying to buy good players before they are so overpriced that it is difficult to get them during the whole season. I love the challenges and competing against friends. Now a new enhancement is that you can play co-op fut together with a friend to compete for challenges and earn additional rewards that way.

Also the AI of FIFA 21 is sharper and more enhanced for this time around. Not only is the opponent more enhanced, what you would expect from a new entry in the series, but also do your players have more enhanced controls like directed runs with the flick of a stick.

For the fifa fan this game is a must have. For those wanting to start with FIFA there is no better entry than this one.

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