Review: Disco Elysium

I didn’t knew what I was getting into when I first booted up Disco Elysium. I knew it was a detective game. I didn’t know it was this good though. If you haven’t tried Disco Elysium before, you have to give it a try.

It plays like a point and click adventure, but the best I can describe it is: “what if Neil Gaiman wrote a Sherlock Holmes point and click adventure and it was made in a comic book series?”. It feels like The sandman meets Sherlock Holmes and that is a good thing.

It mixes philosophy and political standpoints all the while circling around a murder-mystery that is weird and awesome at the same time.

You play a drunk has-been detective that can die for the most weird reasons in this ttrpg-like game.

it’s difficult to talk about this game without any spoilers, but if you like to read mystery novels and you like to think more deeply about things than just consuming passively, then you are going to like this game, as this game will make you think more deeply all the while making you laugh, making you think, making you feel things you might not feel in any other game. This is not a game you play on a sunday because there is nothing else to do, but it is something that will keep you thinking after you stopped playing the game, all the while wanting to start it up again, so you can see what happened in this playthrough when you make different choices.

This game will keep you entertained for hours upon hours, and even after the game has ended, it will still keep you captivated, which is the mark of a good game. I can not recommend it any higher than I already have.

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