Review: Dirt 5

In contrast against Dirt 4, this games predecessor, is Dirt 5 more of a casual racing experience that sets itself apart by offering more spectacular races compared to Dirt 4. If you are looking for a more simulation-type rally game, you always have the Dirt rally series to go back to.

Dirt 5 focuses more on a Forza Horizon feeling, more on casual fun and on co-op and online gameplay. It is loud, flashy and focuses on spectacular. Every race is introduced by a comedic duo that really riff off of eachother and are voice by Troy Baker (Last of Us, and various other titles) and Nolan North, whom you might know from the uncharted series

While in Dirt 4 you still had the choice to go between arcade or simulation, this time it is arcade all the way. I love the fact that you can do gymkhana’s: small challenging parcours where scoring points and skill are more important than racing and getting first. The campaign focuses on racing more and completing challenges which net you up to 3 golden coins next to the racing card. The goal of the game is to collect experience and unlock liveries for your car, just like in Grid (also by Codemasters).

Dirt 5, although more arcade, focusses on fun more than realism. You can ride not on fire, but on ice, and it is a heck of a lot of fun. The tracks are varied and not of the linear variety. Every track feels unique and that makes it fun to play. No race is the same, as in some other racing games and the variety of tracks, although the limited amount of cars, still makes it worth it. The game has potential to become a fun co-op game to play with friends and it will be remembered, I think, for the build-mode and the challenges that come from that.

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