Review: Destroy all humans!

Where do I start with this one? So much to unpack from my little brain. You are an alien and your task is to invade Earth. Plain and simple. This game is a remake of the 2005 cult classic and it has gotten a much deserved make-over. The studio has done a great job in going over all the little things to make this flying saucer shine again.

In the previous version, you had to choose, during all the chaos. Do I probe that man’s ass or do I pop his head instead? No more do you have to probe for an answer, but you can do it all at once. You can probe, pop and electrocute all at once, which in the 2005 version was only an invaders dream is now reality. Great fun to see a man grab his ass while another’s head pops to show his brain stem and others are shaking while you deepfry them into a human snack.

More abilities!
In the 2005 itteration of the game, you were sometimes out of bullets. This shouldn’t happen during an invasion of a superior species and this has been solved by learning a new ability: Transmogrify. With this ability, you can scavenge and convert things in your enviroment for more destruction and ammunition.

More upgrades!
R&D aboard the mothership hasn’t sit still during the 15 years that earth was “safe” from Crypto’s invasion tactics. More weapons and abilities have been thought out so your next invasion doesn’t hit a snatch, but instead pops some brain with a nice “plop”!

The game is a fun recreation of the original with updated graphics that bring a more cartoony style to the cult classic. It never takes itself seriously once and you get the funny hillbilly accents and stupidly fun missions to complete.

I never thought that stepping in the boots of an alien and seeing fellow humans fry, pop and being probed could be so much fun. I have been laughing out loud multiple times because of the absurd, cartoonish humor in the style of animaniacs was presented in an over the top way. Great fun if you ever need a game to break away from the monotony of everyday life.

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