Review: Destroy all humans 2 reprobed

Greetings earthlings, Welcome again for a review about this fantastic game conquered your devices and your lymbic systems to deliver you pleasure and enjoyment.

Yet again you are set to take over the world, but under slightly different circumstances and a more narrative mode than the last game. While the last game gave you a task and you had to accomplish it by any means necessary, this game is more narrative and more linear. Although you can still freeroam and do what you want qua destruction and picking missions, once you start a mission, you are locked in and a more guided experience awaits you.

This is not a bad thing as to me it is a goofy experience full of weird humour and nods to other cultural things like a parody of James Bond/Austin Powers. The cold war gets a heavy wink and the hippy counter-culture is taking with a very big grain of salt.

You might notice that this game is not set in the 50’s anymore but plays out in the 70’s and the cold war era, which makes it just as goofy as the last game, but gives it a unique twist nonetheless.

I’m not going to spoil the story for you, as you are welcome to explore it for yourself. The game is a very good remaster of the old release and with modern gameplay features is brought to 2022 with nice coat of paint.

If you like fun, goofy experiences while you are gaming that don’t make you think too much, but make you laugh out loud a lot, this one is for you.

What I also liked is that you can play the whole campaign in co-op with a friend if you so desire, if you have another alien friend that wants to probe together with you.

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