Review: Coromon

Ever since I played pokemon, I loved the monster collector genre. I have played and enjoyed a few of them. Nexomon is one I would recommend as well, as it gives you a nod and wink towards pokemon without copying too much and putting it’s own stamp on the genre.

Another one, and one I got the pleasure to review, is Coromon. Coromon is a more homage towards pokemon and blends the researcher of pokemon with the monster collector of the series. The cool thing is that all the collectible monsters are not whimsical monsters that look like ice cream as in the latest pokemon iterations but are creative inventions of their own, while still keeping things familiar for those that grew up with pokemon.

It doesn’t use the new style of games, like we now see in pokemon, but still opt for a top-view RPG style as in the classic age of pokemon, which gives it a fun thing for old-school pokemon fans like myself.

The music and sound effects are awesome and give you a sense of the gameboy era of gaming. A nostalgic gamer like myself was happy to see how much they did with it. Also the pixel art is gorgeous to look at so you never feel cheated with cheap art while playing the game.

Another thing that hardcore monster collector fans will appreciate is the customatisation options you get at the start of the game. You can set the game so you can start a nuzlocke variant of the game at the start of the game by default, inserted by the creators themselves so you get replay value out of the game, for the hardcore fan of the monster collector genre.

I played it on switch and it’s fun to just play for a little while on the go on a game that looks and feels like the games you used to play on gameboy. It’s not only fun for gamers of old, but also newer gamers will think it’s fun and gives a fun diversion from the rote of pokemon games that have been released. While waiting for the next pokemon game of the mainline, this game is a fun addition to the collection of excellent games that take the now classic formula and add to it, adding things that the pokemon company and gamefreak could take a few cues from of what real fans of the genre want.

I highly recommend this game for those that want more monster collector games and don’t know what to play when they have finished a mainline pokemon game or want something to scratch that old school pokemon itch that the mainline doesn’t give anymore.

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