Reading and special interest

I notice when I read a book outside of my special interest, I need to stop every few paragraphs, but when it’s a book within my special interest and you would not disturb me, or I had nothing to do all day, and I was allowed to read all day… I would finish the book in a few hours. I would not stop reading.

I have a few special interests, one of them being autism. I’m now reading the book by Cynthia Kim: “Nerdy, shy and socially inappropriate: a user guide to an asperger life”. I can honestly say that I had a few “aha”-moments already. it’s absolutely an interesting read, just as her blog.

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  • 08/04/2018 om 11:46

    I’m currently reading this too!! It’s already a new favorite. Wish there was a Dutch translation so I could give it to everyone I know to read.


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