Reading and my ideal setup

I can read anywhere at all times, thanks to my ereader and in worst case scenarios I can use my phone in a pinch, but when I have the time and space and I really feel like reading, I like to pull out all punches (in how far I can pull that off with adhd), and set up my ideal reading conditions.

I am one of those people that if a boardgame takes too much work to set up I am already done with playing it, so my ideal setup is only a couple of steps at the most.

Something I always have when I am in a reading mood is tea. I can not drink coffee as my bowels don’t like it that much, but tea is a good substitute for hot beverage. When I feel really into treating myself and want to take the extra effort, I make a cup of chai tea (Warm milk, chai tea and sugar), otherwise it’s english breakfast (water, milk, sugar).

My reading location
As I don’t have a great comfortable sofa I can sit in for hours, I love to read in my bed. My bed is my go to adhd-nesting-area of choice anyways, so my ereader is always close by there. When I am engulfed in a book I might do several poses of the reading kamasutra while finishing the book, but if I’m not engulfed or i’m reading a heavy book that takes time to ponder, i’m at the ideal place to let my mind wander and go (and maybe have a nap as well.

What would my ideal setup look like?
If I had the funds to setup my ideal reading setup? I would go for a comfortable beanbag/cushion where I can nestle in having a hot beverage maker thingy within arms reach so I don’t have to move for hours while my reading is uninterrupted with great reading music. Could also double as a gaming space… A person can only dream. It would be nice and comfortable, where I can sit for hours, not having it hurt or be uncomfortable when I move around… A big beanbag of sorts and then my ereader and gaming setup near… awesome.

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