Puppetgate: It doesn’t seem to stop…

Not so long ago I wrote about Puppetgate and their ugliness. I thought we had reached the bottom, but apparantly we were still at the top.

I have reached suicidality and It needs to stop for my health, and for many others as well. Many autistics have now reached their final straw. 19000 people have signed a petition to stop the play, but the production isn’t going to stop.

They doubled down by using a tweet by an autistic, telling how bad the play is, to promote their play. Sounds like P.T. Barnum promoting his show to watch his freaks: “Come and see this attrocity. See it with your own eyes. Don’t believe anything you’ve read, before you gave us your money and witnessed it with your own two eyes.”

It also is “nice” to see that they silence the thousands of autistics that are against this play. That hate it to it’s core, because now it isn’t about the puppet anymore. It’s about the play itself, the shitting on pillow and the blatent ableism, and how the crew are talking towards us, autistics, and their silencing tactics.

We are done with them. It has to stop. They have to stop and face the concequences of their vile, ableistic behaviour.

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