Progress update: Need for speed Heat

If you read this by now, you have obviously seen a trailer or some gameplay footage?

If you haven’t… Here’s a trailer

Need for speed gameplay trailer

The game is absolutely gorgeous and really fun to play. The story is basic, but fun to play through but where it really shines is the gameplay. No more cards to upgrade your car. No more pushed microtransactions, but solid gameplay that is mix between Need for speed underground 2 and Need for speed most wanted.

The day races give you cash, the night races give you reputation and cops. The cops are really challenging and will really bang up your car until it breaks down, and it will break down if you don’t go to a gasstation to fix it up (up to three times per night).

Make sure you drive to a safehouse when you are not chased by cops, because you will lose rep and a huge portion of your bank if you are busted.

This game is a solid recommondation from me if you loved Underground 2 or Most wanted.

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