Progress Report: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Operator: Amanda “Seriousreyn” Davrie
hours in the field: 20 hours
Specialisation: Panther – CQC

I must be honest and tell you up front that I have seen reviews, before I write my progress report. I can not call this a review, because I have not seen enough yet, although I have 20 hours in the game. I have hardly played the story, but I have seen plenty of the game to make some informed comments on it.

First of all, Yes, It might load in slow. It takes a few seconds to load your guns, but once loaded in, you are ready to go. Also: there is a comment that the terrain isn’t varried enough, and in the clip I saw, they traversed mountains. I don’t know how many hours they have in the game, but they just want to hurt the game enough, so nobody buys it, but that is totally false. I have seen enough terrain to know it is varried and you can see terrain ranging from forest, open fields, close quarter combat in villages and huge complexes to mountainous terrain.

Another comment I saw in reviews: There is nothing to do!
Seriously? There is no 5 minutes that I am not aiming on some npc’s that I have previously spotted with my drone to hunt and kill them. The reason I have done so little story is because there is so much to do. You can not walk 5 minutes without coming by a group of NPC’s or a helicopter that flies over (and I always feel the need to shoot them down. They must have a lot of them because I have shot down at least 40 of them now and they keep coming). There are also the Azrael drones that fly over and it is best to hide from them. So… I don’t know where they get the idea that the game is empty and there is nothing to do…

Also: There is a battlepass system. Faction missions are seasonal and they unlock loot for you if you have enough battlepoints, which gives the game longevity and makes for fun missions (as you sometimes have to blow up a car). These are comparable to the rebel missions in Wildlands.

Oh yeah, We have to talk about Monetisation. Ubisoft has put monetisation into the game. I, myself, have nothing against monetisation. I don’t have any money, so I don’t feel the need to spend money in a game. Monetisation is everywhere nowadays. You can buy cars in Rocket League. You can buy stuff in Fifa, you can buy stuff in almost any game, but they feel the need to attack Breakpoint because “it has a blatant monetisation problem”. Seriously? If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. It is that easy. Monetisation is there for those that don’t want to explore and look for the blueprints. It is a timesaver for those that have an actual job and still want to enjoy the game.

I don’t give a rats ass about monetisation about games, unless they are paid to win. There is an online mode that uses your offline gear to go online. It is a mix between Battle-royale and 4-4 combat. I love that mode. Even with the monetisation, it isn’t and can’t be paid to win. Yes, you have access to the most powerfull guns in the game. No, the mechanics of the online mode make it so that even then, you have no freaking advantage.

It is not like you can buy a scanner that reveals the enemy all the time or stuff like that. So once and for all: Cole is not holding his gun against your head and forcing you to buy those items to even be able to play the game (Forsaken anyone?), so if you don’t want to buy it… don’t.

As you might have noticed, I have played the game extensively, and to be honest. I love it. It builds from wildlands and makes for tons of fun. If you loved wildlands, you are going to love Breakpoint.

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2 gedachten over “Progress Report: Ghost Recon Breakpoint

  • 18/10/2019 om 11:45

    There is a lot to do!

    20 hours usually tells me whether I would go further into a game’s world or not.

    Do you use Twitch sometimes, Marius and Amanda?

    • 20/10/2019 om 23:38

      I should stream consistently, but I haven’t found a schedule that works for me yet.


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