Pokemon legends: Arceus and the future of pokemon

Tommorow is the release date of pokemon legends: Arceus and it is a game I have been looking forward to for since I was little. I don’t know when I will be able to play it, but I want to get my thoughts about it out there anyway.

When a publisher tries something new, like for example, Ubisoft and Assassin’s creed, I always look at the first game as a proof of concept. It might not be the best experience they bring out, but if it has interesting ideas, the second game of that series will only become better, and more fleshed out. The thing is that, with such a proof of concept, you set a bar. A bar of expectations that people want to see met in later games.

Now, it’s pokemon that is setting the bar, on their handhelds, and both with the switch and with the pokemon games, Nintendo have set a high bar. They can not go backwards and go back to 3DS like handhelds, as they have made it abundantly clear, that they can bring out handhelds that pack a punch.

Gamefreak now, have made it clear, that they want to move forward. They want to ring in the new era of pokemon, by safely calling it “pokemon legends” as if it’s a spin-off series, so when the thing bombs, which reviews clearly show it doesn’t, they could have gone back, but they can not.

Now that they have shown that they can put the barebones of a fully fledged 3D pokemon game together, they can not go back. They will have to put out other games in the series that look and feel the way this one does, but bigger and better.

And here I will voice my wishlist for the future:

I don’t mind remakes of older games, but make them 3D, like Legends. Make them bigger and with the pokemon roaming around. I don’t care that in a Red remake there are only 151, but make it like Arceus. The best way to move forward, is to please the fans with the remakes and games they want, not what Gamefreak things they want.

Pokemon fans from the very first hour, want to be like Ash, from the animé and explore Kanto, for themselves, not top down, like what has been done multiple times, not faux-3D like in “Let’s go”, but like in the animé. That is something I would love to play, and move up through the series like that. Make it so that your character progresses with you, as if they travelled to the new region. I have so many ideas for pokemon going further… Pokemon Legends: Arceus is just one exciting step in the right direction, to make me even exciting to see what is coming in the future.

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