Playstation versus Xbox one

I have heard this battle going on for as long as both xbox and playstation exist, and according to some articles Playstation only wins by a hair.

Well, if it only wins by a hair when that article on Yahoo was written (on november 13 2018), then I will persuade you, as a disabled person or at least someone that knows a disabled person, that the Xbox one console family is the right pick, and will be the right pick in the future of the console as well.


First of all, it is disable friendly. Microsoft has done the research and has developed a controller that is compatible for disabled gamers. Thanks to this now, disabled gamers can play games together with family members and doesn’t exclude them anymore on todays gamer market.


Microsoft has created an Elite controller (that is more expensive than a normal controller, I agree) but it is developed by Microsoft itself, for the gamers, instead of having to rely on aftermarket controller like Scuff or Razer, you can now own a controller made by Microsoft itself, with some awesome features like removable sticks so you can customize your controller on the fly and really make it your own.

Still more?

What I hear Sony Fanboys declare when they try to win this argument is that Playstation has more exclusives, maybe you got me pinned there, but when was the last time Microsoft’s Xbox Live was down due to a hacker attack? I know this is almost an absolete argument, but who keeps on pushing away cross-platform gaming? I know that you can connect Mouse and Keyboard to playstation, but does playstation actually encourage and give the choice to developers to develop games with mouse and keyboard support? So players even have more choice on how to play?

For me, the winner of this generation is Xbox one (obviously).

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