Painting miniatures as an Adhd’er/Autistic

I absolutely love painting mini’s. I love to see the little plastic or resin figurines and see them transform in something I can be really proud of.

I know it sounds contrary to the diagnostic manual that I even can paint mini’s to begin with, because it needs focus, fine motoric movements and sitting still for a long period of time.

How I do it is really simple. I look at the mini and visualize what I want it to look like. I take all the material and start painting, until I don’t feel like it anymore (about half an hour – Three quarters of an hour in) and I quit painting. The next time I feel like it, the circle continues. PS: Yes, half an hour of sitting still and focusing is long for me.

Games workshop has made painting so much easier now. Thanks to contrast paints, I can almost complete a whole miniature in less time than it would have taken me before. Yes, I have read and seen reviews of the contrast paints, but I have nothing against them. I absolutely love them. Yes, your mini’s will not be worthy of a price during a competition, but your mini will be tabletop worthy much faster and you can actually use those mini’s to play games with, instead of letting them collect dust in your closet before you muster up the confidence and time to start painting them.

Contrast paints for me are a real time saver and something I would recommend to all ADHD painters. They are really awesome and easy to apply.

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  • 14/10/2019 om 08:41

    Yay for contrast paints!

    I for one don’t see anything in the diagnostics that says “Marius can’t paint” – though it may be true for others, including me. [Other factors too – my wrists and sometimes my finger joints don’t swish and flick].

    Dean McIntosh used to spend lots of time at the Games Workshop – you can find him under King Gravewater on LiveJournal – and his minis could tell so many stories, particularly the dwarves.


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