Observation about chess

The more I learn about chess, and the deeper I get into the rabbit hole, the more I learn that it’s actually hard and easy at the same time.

I know. For a beginner, the game looks complicated. You have to memorize all the moves, how everything is set up, how to keep track of everything. But now that I am a little deeper into it than I was before, it all starts to make sense, in a weird way.

The thing that is most difficult is the board vision, or the chess glasses, I mentioned in a previous post. That is one of my proud posts (I don’t have many of these, but this one I am proud off, not because of how it was written, but because that early in my chess development, I already noticed how much of boardvision actually plays a part in chess).

Chess mostly is board vision or having good chess glasses on, and cause and effect. What if my opponent plays this, what do I do then? or what if I do this, what will my opponent do?

As an autistic, it’s very fun to see what my opponent will play, as it is is said and you have to take with a gigantic grain of salt, that autistic people can not look into your mind and predict what you are thinking right now and act accordingly. I will bet my life that none of the people can do it, I can talk about this for hours if you let me, but I won’t in this post, I have done a previous post on it though.

The most difficult skill that has to be developed in chess is twofold. You have to develop board vision, and know how the pieces work. The third one, comes automatically. That is the cause and effect thing. If your board vision isn’t good, you won’t see moves your opponent will play next move, and if you don’t know how the pieces move correctly or don’t take certain movements into account with your board vision, then you will fail at cause and effect, and even international masters will fail at this still.

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