Not only your kid is autistic

It might surprise you, as a parent, but not only your kid is autistic.

This might be obvious, but a lot of parents use the rethoric “you ar not like my child”.

Obviously I am not like your child, but we do have similarities.

Your child is probably being bullied, like I was.

Your kid probably feels like the weird one out.

Your kid probably has little to no friends.

I think the same as your child. My brain operates in similar ways, so I understand your kid perfectly, and I know what he/she is going through.

Everything your write about your kid doesn’t affect only your kid. It might not affect your kid now, but it might affect him/her in the future. A future you can’t predict yet, but it will inevidable happen.

Also: don’t project your bad feelings about autism onto your kid. There is no cure. Stop looking for one. The only cure that there is for autism is deeply, deeply invasive: You will have to alter his/her brain or kill him/her.

Eugenics is not good. Talking about autism as if it is bad, is not good. You not only affect your kid with this, you affect a whole community of it. We are already disadvantaged enough. We are a vulnerable group.

Telling the world your kid was vaccine-damaged or that he/she got autism after having theyre vaccines is not only damaging to them, but to your whole community. It tells a narrative that has been going on for far to long, and frankly it must stop. It has been proven time and time again that vaccines do not cause autism.

Please, just love your kid. Your kid needs you. He/She is going to grow up in a marvelous person despite of being autistic. Come take a look into the autistic community and notice how wonderful we can be, how awesome and creative we are.

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