No time to die

This is not a review of the movie of the same name, although the movie will be involved in this story. I was watching the movie, but had to pause it to tell a few people and now the world about something.

History time: we go back all the way to december 2009. Yule. My first wiccan ritual. I get to do 4 wishes. My undiagnosed adhd brain goes over all the options and each round picks one. My wishes?

A girlfriend, as I never had one before.
My degree, as I was still studying at the time and wanted my degree so bad
A financial surprise… as I was broke at the time (still am… could use another)
A girlfriend, I really wanted to feel love as I never had a girlfriend before and I think I put way more energy in the second one.

Preface here… I am as skeptical of everything as the next person, and I believe there must be a rational explanation for all of this… And I will probably do a Philip K Dick and devote pages upon pages to this and the coincidences that will keep haunting me (or surprising me, however you want to see it.

All of the wishes became reality, in the exact sequence of how I wished them. All mean a lot to me. (the money the least, surprise there). That last wish is one that keeps on following me.

I met that girl exactly around this time. 11 years ago. We got together 10 years ago. I never forgot about her. Never could let her go. Now come the coincidences of today.

I put myself in movie-watching mode: chips, beverage, movie. Phone next to me for during the dull moments or for adhd distraction, which happens a loooot! (also… spoilers for the first 10 minutes of No time to die btw).

They arrive in a town, where there is a celebration going on and one of the rituals they perform during this festivity of letting go of the past is burning something you want to forget or a message to someone that you never got to say to that person. That is also a common tactic told to people that have gone through trauma or grief or anything. A good therapeutic technique. I told a person I hold very dear about that technique after she told me about something she is working through and hasn’t told that many people, not 2 weeks ago. At the EXACT moment an in movie phone rings, she messages me. Right on the beat.

Quick thing, me and my ex, that I have trouble letting go off, had these moments all the time. I would check my phone to see if she send me a message already and at the exact time I check, she messages me. It went both ways like that.

Bond tries to forgive/let go of Vesper Lynd in this movie, by burning a message. this happened right before the person I told this method to messaged me at the exact moment the in movie phone rang.

Not a few minutes later in the movie, Bond puts the girl on a train. She looks at him with a look I remembered. That look I got from my ex the first time I had to put her back on a train home, after she visited my home. That moment I knew I would never want to let go of her.

I had to pause the movie after this. It was just a little bit to much coincidences in a few moments time. I had to write this blogpost… to vent and to tell the world.

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