Next gen xbox

Today marks the launch of the new xbox and boy, have there been hours dedicated to this console generation already.

I think it has been the most heated launch since xbox entered the market, and to me it feels that it finally has gotten the upperhand. It feels as if they are doing everything right this time around and Playstation is just hopping along, hoping to pick up some crumbs here and there of the genius things that Microsoft is doing with their consoles.

I must say that my preference goes towards Xbox, solely because they want to unite gamers, not seperate them. They are the first company that developed it’s console, to support disabled gamers, and that is a move I will always respect them for. Game Pass is a very, very consumer friendly option for people on a budget that want to play all the latest titles, but can not afford the 60-70 euro price tag that that entails.

Also: the most controversial move, is the announcement and development of the xbox series s. This console is lauded as the most consumer-friendly machine, although it sacrifices its diskdrive. Yes, you don’t get a 1tb SSD but you get enough storage space that you can install a couple of games and you can plug in an external hdd and install games on that as well, all for the hassle of not needing to stand up and switch discs.

I don’t get why so many people are against the series s. It is a wonderful console for the next generation for casual gamers or those that are on a budget. It is ideal as games will be made for it, although it won’t have the same bells and whistles as its literal bigger brother, but it will work, it will play the games you want and it will do so at a remarkable pricepoint.

Most people today won’t see the difference between all the P’s that are thrown around anyway. For example: if I could afford the next generation I would definitely go for the series s as my first choice: it’s affordable, it packs a punch. it has the same features (except graphics and storage) as its bigger brother and will support my current set up of screen and controllers like my old xbox has done so faithfully. What more would I want? I don’t have to buy new stuff, I don’t have to buy new games, I can play them faster and more beautiful than on the last gen and do so at a very, very cheap price for what it gives me.

Compare the Series S with the Switch for example and then tell me that the series s isn’t a wonderful deal.

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