My thoughts on Harry Potter now

I have seen the tweet by J.K. Rowling. I shuddered after I read it. I still love the world she created. It goes the same for Lovecraft and the millions of people that love his books or Tolkien and the millions that love his work.

The world of Harry Potter is a world I identified with growing up. It is a world I felt like could disappear to at any moment when I was bullied or othered.

The same goes for the mutants from professor X. Wolverine is my favourite. (Does anyone notice that I am writing this article without having taken my rilatine?)

Harry Potter’s world was awesome when I read it and I loved the characters. Hagrid’s love for animals was something I identified with immediatly and I cried when I read that he would lose his hippogriff.

I cried when Dumbledore died and I cried even harder for the implication of that one word “Always” (Harry Potter fans will understand what I mean).

I can be a fan of the world she created but not be a fan of the person she is. I know that this goes against some things I have said before, for example about Robert De Niro and his ableist and anti-autistic views. I still can not watch a movie with him in it and not think about his antivaxxness.

Maybe I am a hypocrite?

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