My love for D&D

As you might have noticed. I am heavily invested into dnd or Dungeons and Dragons. It might be my new autistic interest, who knows, but it also gives my adhd a creative outlet. My adhd is what gives my DM skills the boost I need. What I also love is all the creative skills that are involved in DM’ing.

To Dm in my style (not every DM has the same style, that should be noted up front):

  • I draw my own maps
    All my maps that I use and will use are created by myself. I have used pre-drawn maps that were included in modules, but most of my maps nowadays, are created by myself
  • I have to create evocative characters
    In creating evocative characters, I have to create voices and act the way those characters would and not create wooden stereotypical monsters and folks that inhabit my own version of a dnd realm
  • I have to lead
    Leading is a big part of Dm’ing and sometimes, that includes making tough decisions, fudging rolls, handling pvp situations,… just to keep the group cozy and the fact that after 2 months of play (every two weeks) nobody has left the group and people are looking forward to a game, I think says a lot about the group dynamic that is created.

These are just a few of the things that get into DM’ing dnd and other roleplaying games and I must admit that I was afraid of Dm’ing my first game and I totally overprepared what I had done, because I didn’t know how fast the players would go, and I admit that I absolutely did not watch Critical role beforehand (no, this is not sarcastic. I watched critical role after). This might sound like bragging, but Matt Mercer is an awesome DM, but his level of DM’ing is totally attainable. He might seem like a god-like DM and totally is like a Tony Hawk for skateboarding, but his level is attainable. You can become a master DM like him, and even without doing all the crazy voices. Creating a story that folks keep coming back for is much more special than doing the voices.

What I personally love about dnd is the groupdynamic. My group is special to me. I have one that I dm’ed for now for 2 months (every two weeks) and one that had its session zero and still needs to start their first game, but I would not swap any of my players. I love my group. They have given me plenty of laugh out loud moments. They have given me almost moments that I would cry, because of a character death. They have given me joy in a hobby that can be so rewarding with even so little that you put into it.

What I also love is that they include other settings like Wildemount from Critical Role’s Matt Mercer and overlap with Magic the Gathering, so that fans of those franchises like me, get to play in those settings as well!

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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