My creative process

I must say that I am grateful that I watched the Wisecrack video on Mr. Robot’s influences earlier, as it got me to realise something.

I have thrown away many, many, many stories, because I noticed that I pulled pieces or things I liked about other stories; they way they were told, they enemy, the plotline,… things like that, out of them and made them into my own story.

When I noticed this, I would stop writing and throw away my story. I have throw away dozens maybe even more stories or beginnings or just a few sentences, before I noticed this.

In my magic career I did the same, but I was more tolerable off. I took a move there, took a way they turned over the card there,… and constructed my own frankensteinian effects, that did something in a different way but accomplished an effect that looked cool, mostly done in more difficult ways elegantly. I hacked up effects and researched effects for specific pieces in their structure that I could use. I have a notebook full of these frankensteinian pieces. But I don’t call them monsters. They are my creations.

Thanks to the Wisecrack video, I don’t see them as rip-offs anymore. I don’t see them as blatant plagiarism anymore. I don’t steal sentences, I don’t steal characters or something like that, I don’t steal complete things. I use ideas. I make collages out of these ideas, in the process, making my own things, my own frankensteinian creation. I give it a name and love it very, very deeply.

Now thanks to the storycubes I use, I use the same 9 dice everyone else uses when they buy the standard set, and I use the same 3 extra dice if they buy the Clues mix dice, but I give it my own interpretation, create my own creations, with the same puzzle pieces everybody else is using.

Now, I rarely throw away stories anymore. I noticed that I needed a character that looked like certain characters and I pulled certain characteristics out of them and wrote my own character out of it. Made it my own, but with the same characteristics as the characters I loved.

I love archetypes, I love reading about them, and while typing up this article I got a great idea for another blogpost which will be up later, when I’m finished with it, after thoroughly having researched it and such.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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