Mr. Robot

I first heard about the series from a colleague from another department when I was at an IT consulting job. He raved about it so hard, I actually got curious to watch it. I never heard about it before.

Now I am the one raving about it. If you haven’t seen it. Please do. It’s dystopian, it’s nice. It has great acting, great story, great references. It’s marvelous. Oh, about the references, there is a nice video out about the inspirations about Mr. Robot, but it will probably spoil a lot of it for you if you haven’t watched it. If you have watched it. The video will be here for your entertainment pleasure. Also, in a few days I will receive the Red Wheelbarrow book, his notes that he made that you can see during season 2. Lovely. There have been reviews about this book. I have read a part of it on my Ipad, but I wanted the physical book, with it’s seven inserts. I love a hands-on experience of such things. If you didn’t know, I’m a gadget freak, so I love how they display technology and play with it in the show. It gets me all giddy inside and I want to learn all the things that they are doing on the show, so one of the reasons I’m learning to program (although I had an interested in it when I was 16). But the show is so well done. Go watch it!

here is the video I promised from the wisecrack channel:

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