I’m moving. Moving together with my girlfriend in our own place. Moving as an autistic isn’t easy, and we don’t have such a big place, but I was suprised to see how fast everything was stuffed to the brim with all our stuff. We can hardly move in this new place, thanks to all the boxes and bags with all our trinkets in them.

Once we start unpacking and really start to settle in, as we are still moving our stuff from one place to the other. I plan to minimalize a lot. I will take pictures of the process, and report on it here, as it seems to me a very, very fun project.

But I want to live more minimalistic.

As an autistic, I have an attachment to certain things, like my tablet. I don’t think I could ever live without my tablet. And now my special interest is transitioning from magic and mentalism to electronics, I don’t think I will be throwing away or getting rid of anything electronic anytime soon. I will be downsizing my magic and mentalism collection though, and will probably go to a magic shop and sell some things. It will be an interesting process, and I hope the stress headaches stop soon, as I’m sick of them already. Normally in highly stressful situations, I either run away to a safe space, or I have troubles with my bowels. Now, as I’m moving, it’s my stomach, which gives me reflux and my brain, which gives me headaches, as I have to think of so many stuff, and I can’t stop thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done. Maybe it might help if my girlfriend communicates with me what needs to be done and when she plans on doing them or delegates some stuff to me… which gives me a sense of control, which I don’t feel I have at the moment. So many things are left open and uncared for, which gives me the headaches and doesn’t help my autistic sense of calmness.

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