More on functioning labels

I have written about functioning labels before and how I am certain they don’t help anyone autistic.

for example: you don’t talk about levels of blindness or levels of having lost a limb.

We as a society are taught from early on to look at everything in a dualistic way. Good and bad, fat and thin, ugly and beautiful, male and female, rich and poor, white and black.

Also, this is were those functioning labels comes from. Dualistic thinking is so ingrained, that we don’t see the many shades of grey (no relation to the books whatsoever).

I understand that mothers of autistic children are frustrated, and see only their child as suffering and autistic, but every autistic is suffering in a society that oppresses us, that doesn’t want us to exist. So it is better to stop squabling amongst eachother of whom is the Ultimate autistic and work together for a more accepting society.

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