Covid is still a thing. I see a lot of masks. I see people with no mask. I don’t get why some people with wear no mask and risk getting a disease that might kill them. Their risk, not mine. I always wear a mask.

What I don’t get is people that wear a mask, but don’t wear it like it should. Are masks so difficult that they need detailed instructions? Maybe this is why there are pre-flight instructions on an airplane that detail how to wear the oxygenmask. Maybe we should mandatory broadcast a tutorial on how to wear a mask.

Step 1: Take mask
Step 2: Put mask over mouth AND nose! (this step is crucial).
Step 3: hook elastics behind ears to secure mask to face.

Done! Not so difficult. I understand that disabled people might have difficulties, but people around them could help them secure it properly, but most people I see ARE capable adults that are capable of running an everyday life.

So… long story short: I don’t trust most people with more complicated technology like toilet paper.

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