Let’s see in a year…2021 edition

When you get the chance to reinvent yourself, you have to take it. Most people do it during new years. I don’t do new years resolutions as it always means that I will break them somehow. I am not strict enough on myself and due to adhd I can not be either.

I still want to do a in a years time thing, but I won’t set myself any goals at all, I just want to be in a different ballgame in a years time.

I am now:

still male looking
without a job
bad at chess (elo 400)
bad at cybersecurity (only at the starting points on hackthebox).

In a years time, I want to see at least some improvement. I know that throwing my goals out there doesnt’ work, but these goals are so minor, it doesn’t even count as a goal. Starting points at hack the box for example are the lowest tier at the moment and really meant for beginners, so if I can finish those, I will already have a big improvement.

400 elo at chess is really bad. That means that you have trouble with seeing forks and things, during a game. I play badly now, but I know that I play badly, I know a bad move when I see one. I don’t see a good one when I need one or don’t know why a move is a good move, but I know why a move is a bad move. That is a start. To turn it into psychology language about improvement and skills, I am concious incompetent in chess, and also in hack the box.

The first 2 of my list, overweight and still male looking are about how I look and without a job I will not be able to do much about it, maybe only about me being overweight. Those few things are what I will be working on for the next year. It will be hard, it will be a challenge, but I will see success or at least betterment out of these goals.

I don’t need luck, maybe only for the job, as that will be a lot out of my hands, but I still have some control over applying for the job. The other goals are knowledge and will-based, so… I will do my best. That is the only thing I can hope for.

See you next year on an update.

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