There would have been a time, when me typing this, would have been impossible. For me to hol reach millions upon millions of people, with he click of a button. With the click of a button have all the knowledge known to man at my fingertips.

It would have been impossible not so long ago. Not so long ago, people like me would have been in institutions.

people like me would have been locked away, and if you go even back further, people like me, with our erratic behaviour, our novel ideas, our lack of authority, would have probably been burned or hanged like witches.

how many autistics were killed in the holocaust? Only jews are counted and get the honor of being real victims of the holocaust, but what about autistics, whom only up until recently are helped and kept out of institutions.

People like me were put in institutions advised by doctors, some like Bruno Bettleheim without any credentials whatsoever. We were to be forgotten, treated inhumanly up until the 70’s of only the last century. People of color were treated better than people with dissabilities, even today, we are spoken about as if we are lesser humans, even when we are in the same room.

I know I have it better now, but one nutcase in a high position can change that, with a press of a button.

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