I’m addicted to learning

I don’t know about you. I’m currently doing a trainee period in the hopes of getting a job, but I have limited spare time right now. Absolutely all my spare time, even when I’m free to do what I want, is dedicated to learning new things. It could be drawing, learning to code or just reading up on things, intersparsed with writing a story or watching an episode of my favourite series on Netflix.

I’m really, really addicted to learning new things. Now in my trainee period, I see new things every day, just new products, and new possibilities in how I could use them. Sometimes a customer (I work in a store) asks me a question and we don’t have a product for him to give him a solution to a problem, but I know a way to solve that problem with things we do have in the store and solve it that way.

I love learning. At the moment I signed up for a Masterclass by Deadmau5, to learn how to play music. I love listening to music, also electronic music, in which Deadmau5 is an expert, and I love learning his process, maybe to use in other ways, except music. I might not have the ambition to make music, but the knowledge might be usefull for other things, like making music for my own videos later on (as I want to make movies on my own, later, it’s a dream still, but it might be fun.)

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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