If vaccines cause autism

if vaccines cause autism, shouldn’t my sisters and my mother have it too? If vaccines cause autism, shouldn’t my nieces? I have autism, like my dad had it. We even have the same traits. My dad was never diagnosed, but I see almost all the things that make me autistic in him. My sisters and my mom don’t have autism, although I suspect one of my sisters. All three of us, and all 5 of our family were vaccinated, so… if the science behind the anti-vaxxers is plausible, shouldn’t we all have autism?

Even in their own family, shouldn’t they all have autism?

Oh Yeah, the link with autism and bowel disease? I can clear that right up for you. I have them both, you see. No, goddamned, not from vaccines. The disease started when i was 16, years after i got my last shot. But here comes the colleration: whenever i get stressed, my bowels act up. Like with other people’s stomach, it’s my bowels. It’s in the criteria that people with a bowel disease are less stress-resistant. I always had a form of bowel disease, even before my shots. I was even lactose-intolerant for a while, and am even still now.

Is this also because of vaccines? No, this is not a question. It’s sarcasm. (Yes, sarcasm can be learnt up until a certain degree).

I don’t get the logic of the anti-vaxxers. Whom would rather have a dead child, than a child that might be disabled. It’s still their child. I will always compare it to down syndrome and how people react to that.

answer me this question truthfully: If you knew, with a test, that your inborn child will have autism, would you abort it? You don’t know, and the test can’t predict, the degree of autism, or the intellectual level the child will have. But you still have the final decision… would you Murder your unborn?

ps: a test like this for autism is being researched by such groups as autism speaks, whom are absolutely anti-autism.

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