I know, I know

I know it’s been a long time since you have heard of me on my own medium. It’s been awhile. I haven’t forgotten about you though. How could I?

I must admit that I got a little bit burned out and took some time for myself. I played a lot of the division 2. World Tier 5 at the moment (the highest at the moment).

I am still suicidal. I can not talk about this on twitter without being flagged, but I still am, and I am not going to hide it. It still occurs multiple times a week that I contemplate on how to take my own life. I am not going to discuss methods, but I can think of multiple ways right now, if I wanted to. A depressed brain can do strange things.

I have been reading fiction instead of non-fiction lately, which hasn’t happened for years (since Harry Potter released). Philip K. Dick. is what I mostly read at the moment, although I have a review non-fiction copy that I still need to finish, and for which I still need to post a review, but now you know why I am not that active on here anymore, although it is my own platform. I am going to try and post more creative stuff.

Thanks to #puppetgate and the whole thing there my personal stash of fucks to give is gone for this year. I haven’t been as active as I was last year on twitter during Autism Awareness month, and I don’t think I am going to be either. Now you know why.

I still love my autism and I will advocate where I can, but I think this blog is going to take new routes, although I haven’t figured the specifics out yet. It has changed, from a more personal blog, to a blog which showcases my interests with the occassional review of said interest. I have tried adding Dutch, because of Dutch readers who can’t speak english, but those weren’t coming to my site, so I quit putting in the time to translate every single post. (I write in english, although my mothertongue, my native language, isn’t english, because it is much easier for me to write in English about emotions and emotional stuff than I can in dutch).

I think I caught you up on what has been going on in my life and we will see what the future might bring. You will still get to see me, obviously, discussing things that interest me, and might also interest you. I hope we see eachother again in the future.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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