I am a bully

Ok. You got me, random stranger on the internet. I am a bully. I answer on posts about autism to bully people and silence them. You got me.

I bully autism parents in seeing that autism is not only what their kid has. That Timmy is not a unique little snowflake in the sea of autism. You are right, I am a bully, largely perhaps, because I can use my mouth parts and must not be like your kid. I silence people, when in a discussion I battle their ignorancz and ableism and their not-my-kid-rhetorics, with sound advice and with other perspectives.

yep, you got me.

I am maybe one of the few that won’t pity you. For me, you are like any other parent, but because you bitch and moan about how hard it is to care for an autistic and blare it loud and proud for everyone to hear and read, I see it as my duty, as an autistic self-advocate to be someone that goes against your message, because your view isn’t the only correct view. Your view, because you are neurotypical isn’t more valuable than mine, not because you are part of a larger group than me.

yep, I am a bully and you are right. I try to silence you. And only parents like you, whom keep up the anti-vaxx view that autistic children are damaged and need repairing.  I will keep striving to counter every fucking word of it, as long as I live, as long as it needs repeating.

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