How to play warhammer underworlds solo

During this tumultuous time you want to play boardgames, or if you are inclined to never play with others, this might be a good guide in how to play against yourself.

Playing solo can help you with some things, like playing an equally matched opponent play moves, as he/she/you will have the same knowledge you have, and will be able to use the board to his/her/your advantage.

How to go about it?
Quite easily actually. You take a tutorial like this one (by can you roll crit), to figure out what playstyle is best for your warband and you play it like that. The most fun is to play a warband against it’s weakness to see how an equally skilled opponent would make use of the most information they can get from the board and the cards.

Set up the game as usual, but just do a hot seat, or place yourself central to all the action and study the board as you and your opponent would and play the playstyle of the warband.

This is great to get to know a new warband or to playtest a deck so you don’t have to do it in the heat of the battle. it requires that you have everything at home to playtest, like a core set and several warbands, but If you are an avid fan of the game, this shouldn’t be a problem.

What also helps is to study playthroughs or look for decks to play with, so you can playtest these in your own games. Also studying new placements so you can have the strongest units in the right places for your matches.

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