How to be a black woman

As a person in a mans body, seen as a man (although agender), in a world that caters to men, I have to write this about black women…

See how ridiculous this above sentence feels, yet every year books are published by allistics writing about something they never experience. They have to write about their kid or whomever and talk about a condition they never experience. It is as if a man wrote how to be a woman, let alone a black women (me being caucasian). I realize that I could never write about that demographic, so I won’t even try.

(people say autistics can’t do sarcasm, but the title of this article proves otherwise).

This is a reaction to Koehler publishing, that is going to publish the book by Elmomom Whitney Ellenby, whom criticises autistics for not being like her kid because we can have meaningful dialogue and can advocate. Her publisher adding that autistics protesting this book can’t have a meaningful dialogue about autism because well… we are autistic. They equalize our autism dialogue with women’s right activists not taking an opinion from men or Black rights activists not taking an opinion from caucasian people.

Well, I think this is exactly the point. Women have been oppressed, bullied, beaten and raped by men for so long that even today they have to fight for the right to choose what to do with their body as they please without being seen as a demon.

Black lives matter perfectly exemplifies that people of color are done with taking orders from caucasian people and want to take their own liberties in their own hands without being oppressed.

Same goes for autistics. We are done reading the narrative written by anyone else but us. I understand that researchers get a book deal, because they might have studied us and have something interesting to publish, something that might value us too.

Otherwise, the whole narrative about autism should be done by autistics themselves. We are done being oppressed. We are done being spoken for, even when we don’t produce verbal speech. We are done having to read abuse that is seen as an alternative treatment likened to electroconvulsive therapy for depression or bipolar disorder. We are done. We want our narrative back, thank you very much.

No more about us, without us.

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