How it feels: sensory issues

Sensory issues are weird. You have to know that I always thought I was weird because of my sensory issues. My curtains are drawn 24/7 because I don’t like the bright light. I can not stand direct sunlight. I am like a vampire, I just don’t like it.

I hate heat as well. 25 degrees celcius and up and I am absolutely not comfortable anymore, but I am comfortable in a lot of cold temperatures. I once did a wiccan tree walk in a sweater at -2 degree celcius, just to show you that I can handle extreme cool temperatures.

I only wear a jacket maybe a month a year, the rest I handle with a sweater. Most of the year I walk around in a t-shirt, but carry a sweater as backup. I can not wait for skirt and dress weather, as I will be my first year in dresses and skirts.

I hate the texture of liver in my mouth, I don’t mind the taste, but the texture is just… ugh… same goes for heated tomato. Cold tomato I can handle, but I absolutely don’t like it when it is hot.

There are clothing textures I hate. They don’t itch or anything else, but when I put them on, I can not move anymore as I really don’t like how it feels on my skin. I am much more comfortable with loose clothing than tight clothing , so I don’t know how skinny jeans will go on me, but I am curious to find out.

When I come home, shoes are the first thing to come off and if I don’t have to wear shoes, I absolutely don’t. I love to walk barefoot and will do so for most of the day if I can, and if I don’t have to leave the house. I will even walk in the snow if I have to fetch the mail, and nothing beats the feeling of grass on a hot summer day (or early in the morning with morning dew). Mud between my toes is a fun feeling though, not clean, but fun.

Sensory issues are something personal and what I like and dislike can be totally different from autistic to autistic.

For example another thing I have is that I hate loud sounds, so I will always work now with a noise cancelling headphone (A freaking godsend), and some good music on my ipod.

I hope this gives you a good look into sensory issues by an autistic.

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