Hello, I killed my autistic child

Disclaimer: this conversation is completely fiction and might be triggering to some. I wrote it because I was curious how such a conversation might go. I must confess that this idea came to me after listening to killer confessions to the police on Youtube (creepy, I know)

police: 911, How can I help you?

Mom: I just killed my child.

Police: why did you kill your child?

Mom: She is severely autistic, and after trying aba and other treatments she still behaved like a typical autistic. I tried to locate the part in her brain that made her autistic and drilled it out of her, with a power drill.

Newspaper article:

Mother of autistic feels remorse for killing her autistic kid. Placed under probation.

Other headline:

Black guy sneezes in coffee shop. 3 years jail.

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