graduate degree: how are the first steps?

I looked forward to this moment for months now. 15 year old me would be proud, as this is what they always wanted to do. How is it actually going?

I am going for a graduate degree in IT, more specifically system administrator and to be honest, it’s actually going great. You have the one teacher that really isn’t qualified to teach, but overall the teachers are awesome. The classgroup itself is awesome as well, and because i’m 10 years older than most of them, it’s actually quite fun to study there. The atmosphere is really welcoming, the lessons are great, everywhere you see people learning for the joy of learning… it’s where I belong.

I also started using the obsidian app to take notes and honestly, where has this been all my life. It feels as if I needed to know about this much earlier. The obsidian app can be used as a second brain and for the zettelkasten method (which basically, as far as I looked into it, are the same thing), and makes it easy to take notes that are interconnected by hyperlinks and such. I have used it since I started studying and actually don’t want to look back now. I absolutely love it, have advocated for it and now other people started using it because of me.

The new schedule took some getting used to. Getting up early and on time again isn’t something that is for me, but actually it is going great so far. Already talked to the proper people to get the help I need for autism, adhd and my bowel disease, so that’s settled as well, so in the first few weeks I already accomplished a lot. I never felt better.

For those that don’t know me very well, I love learning. When I don’t know something, I’m looking it up on the internet as I am always interested in everything. It’s awesome. There is hardly any topic i’m not interested in, so to see all these people that are interested in learning, is awesome.

I am curious to see how the future is going to go, but so far it’s awesome. ohh ohh ohh, before I forget: I got scripting class today and for the first time since I programmed my own thing, I really got excited for programming again. That teacher accomplished that I can read code intu├»tively just in one class and that is awesome, so now I am really looking forward in studying more and more, learning more, looking up more…

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