Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020

I have completed my reading challenge of 2020. I set for myself a very lucrative challenge of 35 books, looking at my previous years of reading (without rilatine, and with distractions on my ipad). I read 39 books on average the last years. I am half way through the year and I already have 35 books read.

There are a lot of fiction books amongst my read list. Some by known authors, others by indies. It surprises me how much joy I had with reading fiction. I believed that I was a devourer of Non-fiction, primarily. I had to revise that opinion.

What I like now with my kindle is that I devour anything that has letters in it, but I tend to stay in fantasy and science-fiction, especially dystopian fiction is my favourite. I started following some book-youtubers (yes, that is a thing) and got some great recommendation to fill my kindle with. I have a lot of reading material on there to keep me busy for the following year, but next year, I might set myself for a steeper target, maybe 50. Depends, as I has been a weird year, with covid and such.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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