Game Review: Forza Horizon 4

I must be honest that I have been following Forza Horizon 4 ever since it got announced on E3 2018, and since I am confessing here, I must confess also that a lot of buckets of drool were poured down the drain.

I think I have followed every stream of the developers and was counting down until the pre-release date of 28th of september, so I could stay up until midnight and be one of the first to play it (reviewers not withstanding).

For me, the Horizon series is something to look forward to. I got my xbox one when Forza Horizon 3 was 12,5 percent down it’s lifecycle (6 months). I loved playing the game with my friends, but after a while the boredom started to set in when race after online race the same tracks came up. I could almost predict, if a certain category was picked, what races would be driven, and I had certain cars built for each of them, so no more challenge was there.

I was happy when the developer team announced seasons. It would put (if they used the same number of tracks) some variety on the game, because even if you drive them week after week, you won’t get the same driving experience until a month later, so this would make for a longer lifecycle.

Also, the fact that you have the option to open a business now, are able to customize your driver-character (although due to the limited options, online group pictures will look like a hillbilly family reunion).

What the game really is about, is the cars off course, and boy, do they look and sound amazing (and I don’t even own an xbox one x!). I saw the great lenghts the developers went through to record these sounds and it shows. I watched videos online that compare the sounds of the different cars and in this itteration of the game they sound crisper and more real than before.

The fun thing about Forza Horizon 4 is that it will be available 2nd of october on xbox game pass, so for a meager fee, you can play this must-have at launch.

For me, this game gets a golden prize (if this site had such a thing), and a score of 9,9/10.

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