Feminism, or more in particular feminists, or more in particular women that think they are feminists but are actually more hating men. Yes, those exist.

I have a page that regularly posts things, and that I can see on my facebook wall. I think I can count the things that actually go about men and when men are hurt by patriarchy, or more in particular a society that is supposedly run by men for men. I think I can count those articles on one hand.

I’ve read a book on such topic though. It was written by a women, whom went undercover as a man. Great book. It shows how men are treated in a man’s world. It shows how fun it is to not be able to show your emotions openly.

When women would be open to viewing the world, they would see that not actually men, but women are ruling the world. If you go into any DIY-shop, any shop that has things to make the house cleaner and neater and whatever, or stores like IKEA. You will most likely, see the women make all the choices. I have worked in a DIY shop and I have heard the comment: “I will have to ask my wife” more often than not.

Yes, men have their mistakes. I can’t take back all mistakes that my fellow men have done.

It’s just sad to see, that women, especially these feminists don’t see that both sides are hurt by exactly the same problem. That we shouldn’t fight eachother. That we shouldn’t be fighting over such things as mansplaining (I want to meet the woman that invented this term and have her explain it to me).

I think these feminists don’t get the real message. The message being that there are men and women, whom would rather want that we squabble amongst eachother, instead of fighting them. Them whom control us, whom make up problems for us to fight about, so we wouldn’t fight about the problems that really matter, that really make up our society. I also condemn those men that are violent against women, I also condemn those men that rape women and sexually abuse them in any way possible. The same way as I condemn those that do those things also to men.

If you could see the things and know all the things that are hanging and are decided above our heads, I think that things like feminism wouldn’t matter anymore. I like the idea of fighting against something, of rebelling against something, but make it something usefull, something that benefits all of us, not just one gender.

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