Far Cry: New Dawn

17 Years after the ending of Far Cry 5 (spoiler: it ended with a bang). There is a new villain in town, or better yet two: The twins.

The twins run a group of outlaws that want all the resources for themselves called “the highwayman” and you are the hero of the day, so you got to stop them.

Picture of Mickey and Lou (2 black girls in colourful outfits) also known as the twins

The game is out now, and you can look at the aftermath for yourself, and I urge you to do so, as the enviroment is awesome to look at. The bang transformed the enviroment from an American preppers field day, into an American preppers field day plus some radiation. Animals are now stronger than ever (so if you thought the badger was a pain in the ass in the previous game, think again.)

The twins rule the land with an iron land and instead of tatooing and cutting the sins away, they abduct folks into their philosophy by force, or they day. it’s a bit like Eddie Izzard’s cake or death, but there is no cake. The cake is a lie.

You have to scavenge for weapons now. Weapons are not for sale. Ethanol is the only thing of value and you need it to upgrade your base and everything that is important like healing. You need to scavenge parts to upgrade your weapons, because just like the enemies, even your weapons have tiers now, so don’t try to take down an elite level enemy (or animal, yes animals too) with a level one weapon, because you will die (or you need an extreme lucky streak).

The same with vehicles. If you want to summon them from your base in prosperity or from your liberated outposts, you need to construct them with scavenged parts, which aren’t that difficult to find as they are scattered almost everywhere on the map and you can buy maps from Bean (of Bean-o-pedia fame) that show those locations easily.

Ethanol is harder to come buy, although not Dark Souls hard or 90’s nintendo impossible. You can hijack trucks like in Far Cry 5 and deliver them to your liberated outpost to score ethanol or liberate outposts (shown as a building with a plume of smoke on your map). If you have liberated those outposts, you can do them again on a higher level tier so you can score ethanol again.

I am not going to spoil the story to much, but Joseph Seed is back. You get to see what happened to him after Far Cry 5 in this sequel to his story arc.

I love single player games, and although Co-op is optional, it is nowhere so difficult that you really need it. I love the enviroment (which is colourful) and I love the characters. You get to see what happened to some of the characters you meet in Far Cry 5, which is awesome, not only Joseph Seed gets his continuation.

I love the crazy weapons. If you thought a shovel launcher was crazy in Far Cry 5, then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Far Cry: New Dawn uses the same map as Far Cry 5 (if you haven’t noticed by how many times I have referenced Far Cry 5 already).

If you love supply drops, the highwaymen drop supply drops every now and then, and it is fun to hunt them down. Most of the time it gives you a skirmish to recover the goods before them.

Picture of Nana on the left with the player character sporting a Post-apocalyps sniper rifle looking out over a post-apocalyptic landscape watching a supply drop and a few highwaymen

New Dawn is a must play experience if you loved Far Cry 5. It isn’t as big as Far Cry 5 but gives the player a great continuation of the story.

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