#endautismnow: my view on this campaign

I want you dead. Well, not exactly you, but a part of you. I want your unborn generations to be aborted. None of you should exist anymore. People with black hair are a tragedy and should be eradicated. I want no more people with black hair. Only blond people with blue eyes should be allowed to live. Only those are worthy of living.

If this first paragraph doesn’t soudn ridiculous to you, then I don’t think the rest of this article will likely convince you. Downers (those born with Down’s Syndrome) have been pleading to let their kind be born. Thanks to a prenatal test for this, there are almost no Downers born anymore. 90 percent of those that are diagnosed prenatally are aborted.

I had a friend while growing up, whom was a Downer. Michael. I can remember his face still, when he got his certificate that he knew the multiplication tables. He ran out of the class to show everyone. His teacher let him. She wanted him to feel and express his joy. I know that my teacher at the time had to undress him and redress him at swimming class, and nobody made a point out of it and nobody made fun of him. Nobody. We accepted Michael. I can’t tell you the friendship I got from Michael when during the summer break I saw him, by accident, in the pool. His mom was there too, and I came over to me and jumped me because he recognized me.

Now, back to the first paragraph. I hear you say already, when a Black haired person would confront you. No, I don’t want to murder you. i just want to make sure that all the prenatally tested Black Haired people are not born anymore. So basically, all those men and women with black hair that exist already today, shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Shouldn’t have kids, because in their genes they have the potential for black haired kids. It’s the same with Autism or Down’s syndrome.

When you say you want to end autism, you want a test that exists prenatally and thanks to the fear mongering it will become reality and 90 percent of autistics will be aborted thanks to the fearmongering and unaccepting nature of our society. Thanks to a society that fears diversity, autistic people, people that can really dive in deep into a subject they love, will be eradicated. People who love to think logically, will die out. It will be a loss for humanity.

Think about all the things that were invented by autistics. Let’s start at the very, very beginning. The wheel. There must have been an austistic ancestor in ancient times that must have observed that some things roll. Like treelogs. Treelogs roll. Certain rocks roll downhill too. While others were chatting. This autistic was looking at the world around him, and must have pondered how to get heavy things, like mammots back to their encampment. The wheel. One day it must have popped into his head, after several failed attempts. The autistic kept trying and trying and trying, after several of his non-autistic peers already gave up and the first wheel was crafted.

Now, think of a world without the wheel, or electricity, or fire, or the internet, or computers,.. (For brevety I have to stop here, otherwhise this would be a listing of all accomplishments of the last few centuries within all disciplines imagineable). I am sincerely believe that autistics have invented all major breakthroughs in our society from ancient times until recent ones.

Now I want you sincerely to tell me in my face, that you want to stop this progress and want to halt the progression of humanity. That you support Eugenics, because that is basically what this whole article is about. The abortion of a Down Syndrome Child or autistic child is the same as Eugenics. You breed to get a certain quality out of human society.

To give a more direct example: Look at dogs. Look at the wolf, that majestic creature that roams free in the wilderness (although also almost exterminated by human society) and now look at a chihuahua, or a French Bulldog. Those were created by humans, by selective breeding.

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  • 24/08/2018 om 01:58

    Hi Marius,

    Molleindustria has a game where you breed dogs in a dog park.

    Too many of mine get inbred or sick or otherwise different from the pattern.

    It is a really good example of eugenics.

    We wouldn’t want to breed friendship or sincerity out of society – those things keep it together.

    And I can understand when people can’t socialise a thing out they go to the genetic fallacy.

    For example, people with curly and wild black hair are being expelled from schools and fired from their workplaces. People with sleek black hair are laughed at and ignored.

    There is a campaign too called Ruby’s Rainbow. 50 and 60 year old Downers are now in US universities.

    I tend to think of the wheel, for instance, as part of a long co-operative process. Someone had to observe and market the discovery. It had to come out of a group need and desire.

    Is this eugenic thinking? I don’t know.


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