Dystopian novels

People that have been reading this blog for a while know that I am depressed, suicidal even. It isn’t something I can talk about on twitter, because guess what… it will get you a few days in twitter jail if they report you.

This also brings me to why I love dystopian novels. Dystopian novels really border on my day to day experience as a suicidal adhd autistic transwoman. I have to adapt or die, simple as that. And now with the global pandemic which is the coronavirus, we are as close to a dystopian novel as the mainstream public will ever get to be.

I love dystopian novels because somehow, in those novels, the protagonist will always have some glimmer of hope, even when all hope should be lost. They have something to cling to, even though they shouldn’t be able to.

They are like Anne Frank in het achterhuis writing in her little diary, talking about mundane things, while families are ripped apart and being subjected to the worst atrocities a human being can be subjected to. She walks us through a normal life, in one of the worst situations possible and shows us humanity in a situation which is and never will be humane.

Wow, what a segway from fiction to a autobiography… but still, my point is still intact. I love great dystopian fiction like “A Handmaid’s tale” by margaret attwood for example. I devoured that book, not just read it. I kept turning pages until there were no more pages to turn. I was fortunate that I was so smart to have asked for the follow up to that wonderful piece of fiction as well for christmas, so I could continue on reading about those strong women in an anti-feminine world and how they bested those that thought of themselves as the most powerful gender.

I am going to do a list of my favourite dystopian novels, but now at least you know why I enjoy reading them.

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