Do we need a cure?

Ok. Jimmy is calling himself Carla. He’s 4 years old and he thinks he’s a girl. Although he’s born a boy, he keeps insisting he’s a girl. Something is wrong with him. He’s asking us to get him hormone therapy so he can become a woman when  he grows up, he even wants a genital operation. Something is wrong with him. He needs to be cured.

Stephanie is in her puberty now. She hasn’t had a boyfriend yet, and when she’s together with her sister she never looks at boys. Yes, she’s a high-fuctioning Lesbian. I would’ve rather had that she liked boys more, maybe it’s because of vaccines. I had her vaccinated and before that she played with boys just fine, but now that’s she’s older, she only likes girls, and is only interested in ever dating a girl. Maybe she needs a cure or something?

Are you outraged? Good. Why is it okay to say something like the above about autism, but not about being gay or being transgender. Both used to be like it though, but they are somewhat accepted now. Why is autism seen as a disease instead of being more accomodating for it?

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