Depression and autism

Many neurotypicals experience depression, however, many more people with autism experience depression or are diagnosed with a depression disorder.

I myself am diagnosed with depression disorder next to my autism.

The psychologist that diagnosed me said that it’s no wonder I have a depression disorder and tried to commit suicide in 2015 (I stood on the train tracks before the cops came and get me off).

28 years without support for my autism eventually would have done that to me, but why is it so prevelant?

Well, being called arrogant because you communicate differently and more direct is maybe one of the causes, or because you are overstimulated by the sun or because you tolerate noisy rooms less well might be another. Sensory issues and no support acummulate in some autistics wanting to commit suicide, and not being diagnosed, because most autistics are diagnosed after they are searching for an explanation why everything is happening to them.

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