I have long tried to make sense of all the people not wearing a mask, and it seems that there is a lot of overlap with anti-vaxxers. Those that don’t want to wear a mask feel that their freedoms are infringed upon, which I think is really a stupid way to think of it.

Other messages I have seen online is those that seem to think there are certain chemicals or metals inside those masks that we inhale and other such bullshit. Clearly anti-vaxxers feel the need to insert themselves into the Covid-Conversation and feel the need to remind everyone what of a pathetic bunch they really are.

I think that, during a crisis like this, if you have anti-mask sentiments, that you should volunteer, without a mask on a ward full of those that are affected by the disease, if you care so much for it anyway.

There is a priest here in Belgium, Pater Damiaan, that went to Molokai and gave his life to make the life of those with leprecy much more bearable. He gave his life, like so many that care for those affected by covid, to help those humans. People like the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are just fucked up that they think that their freedoms are more important than helping humanity as a whole. This whole crisis could have been over if those selfish few could just keep their “opinions” to themselves and follow the rules for a few weeks. Just shut up and do what you are told for just a few months and we can open up the country again when all of this is over.

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