computer science and autism

I told you before that I see a lot of overlap between people with autism and computers.

Now it’s even more apparant to me, as I “crashed” earlier. I did a trainee-period in a store as well, and I “crashed” there more frequently.

It involved a search. A simple search for an item.

At the table, we were eating, I had to find the jam, to put on my sandwhich. I asked my girlfriend where I might find the jam and she told me in the storage chamber. I got annoyed at that point. I knew it was going to be in that section of the house, because the one in the refrigirator, now on the table, that one was empty, so obviously, the unopened one, should be the little storage room.

She told me to look for it. I can show you pictures, but maybe it’s easier to describe. When you enter, you see a rack with drinks and other stuff on it, and if you look to the right, you have 8 doors that lead to cupboards. So I could open 8 cupboards, but I wanted it to be over with quickly.

It’s actually a fault on my part, because I had to know that the things that are in storage, are the upper 2 doors when you look directly to the right but then you still have 4 shelves.

In the store where I worked, I had to find items in between 100’s of others. I did this more easily, I went to where it logically should have been, and then started scanning barcodes, because some items looked so similar to eachother that it was easy to put them in the wrong place, and in this way, I have found several mistakes in the store that could easily have been there for months, maybe even years.

I found the item, but this is why I think it’s easier to put things together, where they are easy to find. If something isn’t in it’s usual place, or where I know I have left it, I will not find it, even if it is lying right in front of me, just on the shelf above me, if I am looking below. I had this at home a lot, when I was looking for something in the fridge but it was place rather low (I’m 1m84).


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