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Theory time: one-character-theory

Typecasting helps. Certain actors have been typecast as certain archetypes over and over. Look at Anthony Hopkins as the teacher-archetype. In almost every movies he plays in, even his Hannibal Lecter movies, he plays the teacher-archetype. He has his pupil something to teach, and even only comes in the life of the pupil when he has something to teach, as he says in the zorro movie “the mask of zorro” (and my favourite movie quote ever): “When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.”

After watching hundreds of movies, I think I’m qualified to launch my movie theory on the world. My theory is this: When an actor has found his character, the one he is meant to play, he can’t play anything else anymore. I will give you examples.

Look at Rowan Atkinson. If you see him, you automatically see Bean. At least, I can’t see him in any other character than as Bean. You see his mannerisms in every other character he plays. The way he looks, the way he pulls his lip, the way he flaps his hands… everything.

Look at Johnny Depp’s acting career. Everything he has done up to Jack Sparrow, was just preparation for his one character: Captain Jack Sparrow. You see his mannerism, the way he looks in Edward Scissorhands. The full character was there, and he can’t remove him out of his acting anymore. Look at Sweeney Todd. The way he talks is still Jack Sparrowish. Look at The lone ranger and 21 jump street and you see mannerisms of Jack Sparrow in them.

I will post more when I have more one-characters.

Mr. Robot

I first heard about the series from a colleague from another department when I was at an IT consulting job. He raved about it so hard, I actually got curious to watch it. I never heard about it before.

Now I am the one raving about it. If you haven’t seen it. Please do. It’s dystopian, it’s nice. It has great acting, great story, great references. It’s marvelous. Oh, about the references, there is a nice video out about the inspirations about Mr. Robot, but it will probably spoil a lot of it for you if you haven’t watched it. If you have watched it. The video will be here for your entertainment pleasure. Also, in a few days I will receive the Red Wheelbarrow book, his notes that he made that you can see during season 2. Lovely. There have been reviews about this book. I have read a part of it on my Ipad, but I wanted the physical book, with it’s seven inserts. I love a hands-on experience of such things. If you didn’t know, I’m a gadget freak, so I love how they display technology and play with it in the show. It gets me all giddy inside and I want to learn all the things that they are doing on the show, so one of the reasons I’m learning to program (although I had an interested in it when I was 16). But the show is so well done. Go watch it!

here is the video I promised from the wisecrack channel:

Sherlock Season 5: Will we see it?

To be blunt, I hope we don’t.

There will be spoilers after this sentence, so if you haven’t watched the final episode of season 4, stop reading HERE.


I finished watching season 4 today. I recorded it and waited for the best moment to watch it. I was home alone today, so I took my seat and started watching.

I must say that at certain points in the final episode, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping around, especially when Jim Moriarty showed up. I made a prediction during the second episode of season 4 that Euros was behind Moriarty, and in my head I had an elaborate theory on how he could have died, and actually, he could still be alive. I might post my theory in a later blog post.

Euros might have instructed Jim Moriarty in how to play with her little brother, as he only seemed interested in him. How he planned only things for him, as he is a conculting criminal, as he said in episode 1.

Well, if we are speculating, why not type the theory here:

What if:

Euros had contacts with Culverton Smith, whom could have supplied her with a bodie that matched Jim Moriarty, like Molly Hooper did for Sherlock. Culverton gave her the note his daughter had written, and Euros touched it up a bit, as she said herself “she added a few deductions of her own”.

Mycroft told us that everybody that went with her could be made into a slave, thanks to a sort of verbal hypnosis. We already saw that she could slip in and out of prison at some point, so it isn’t all that remarkable that she could help Moriarty with his ploys, playing Moriarty. Helping him break into the bank, the prison and access the crown jewels, as they met before Sherlock met Moriarty.

Euros could’ve orchestrated the whole game with Sherlock from the very beginning, playing in his hands the cases that he would think were interesting, orchestrating every case he solved up to that point.  She knew her little brother inside and out, so it seems, and he had no knowledge of her.

I have been right before. When everybody was talking about JohnLock I was arguing that the woman was still alive and that she and sherlock were in love, which was confirmed in the fourth season.

Why couldn’t the above theory be true as well.


Thank you, Johnny Lee Miller.

I know I probably have to thank the writers as well.  I will give you the reason why I love, in a platonisch way, this marvelous British actor.

I was fascinated by computers and Hacking in my teens, although never learned to do so myself. I obviously watched the movie Hackers. I saw a young blonde guy meet a bunch of outsiders and have fun. He also hooked up with the beautiful Angelina Jolie in the movie and off the set. I loved it. Every minute of it.

I spotted him, while browsing what dvd to buy, on the cover of trainspotting. Seemed interesting. Also a movie about outsiders, but this time bonded by drugs.

I lost sight of him, but after, for me, a rough break-up with my Dutch girlfriend I started to look for ways to keep my thoughts distracted. I loved the mentalist, had devoured all seasons up until then, had watched Sherlock , when it was recommended to me as something similar. Elementary was still new at the time. The first season was just completed. And I was curious. I knew it was about Sherlock, my new special interest. I went to IMDB to read about the cast. In a later article I will elaborate why I do this.

But I saw famous and recognizable faces. Aidan Quinn, i knew him from one of my favourite Depp movies, named Benny and Joon, where Aidan played Benny, the brother of a mentally-ill sister called Joon.

I saw Lucy Liu, the asian belle, whom played a princess in Shanghai Noon and one of Charlie’s titular angels.

At the top I saw, Mr. Miller. I must confess that I downloaded the series, as it wasn’t available in my country yet (I own them now on dvd), an I devoured the series. I loved the emotional ending. I cried, which I not often do. It still gets me.

But I loved how Mr. Miller played Sherlock. I know the writers contributed to it as well, but it is Mr. Miller’s performance and mannerisms that bring the character to life. Even when I,read the books tied in with the series, written by Adam Christopher, I still see Miller’s mannerisms portraid.

After rewatching the series, I started to notice how much I behaved like him. Having oddball hobbies and pasttimes. Being interested in nearly everything and hate having my time wasted with trivialities.

my penny dropped, or in this case I might say, half dollar, after I watched a talk by Tony Attwood, researcher on autism, and writer of the complete guide on asperger syndrome, which I have read before in my search for me, that Sherlock isn’t a sociopath but autistic. So, after reading half a dozen books on sociopaths, I found that I also wasn’t a sociopath as they say in Sherlock, but never mentioned in Elementary, but every trait I found was one from the autism spectrum.

So, for me, the game was afoot.

To Sherlock or not to Sherlock

i write this at the 1st of january, a few hours before the new bbc Sherlock starts.

I was sitting behind the tv, waiting how Sherlock survived, and was exhilirated to see my favourite mentalist Derren Brown in one of the explanations. I loved it. Every second of it.

I love how Sherlock is portrayed, how intellectual he is. How his mind palace is pictures, and still… there is something inhumane in his whole demeanor. He wants to be seen as “not human”.

Over the pond, there is another Sherlock, with a gender-swapped Watson, This Sherlock is struggling with an addiction, is more humane, cares, in his own way, for the people around him.

In a way he is more human, I like him because I have a lot of traits like him and one of my favourite researchers, Tony Attwood, had a very fun diagnosis for Sherlock. He’s not a high-functioning sociopath, he is autistic. I have a lot of traits as well, but I will only know for sure in march, so I have to be patient.

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