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Rory Cube Games: Story Boggle

You each take a piece of paper and a pen. You shake the die and put them in the box, so you get a nice 3 by 3 grid (or you just arrange them in a 3 by 3 grid). You need a kitchen timer for this one as well.
You set the timer for 25 minutes (one pomodoro) and you write a story based on as little as one die or all 9 die in the 25 minute span of the game. Each round is 25 minutes, if you are willing to play more than one round.
After this round, you each take turns telling your stories.
No points, no competition. Just innocent, creative fun.
Could be a fun game to play at a write-in during Nanowrimo.

Rory’s story cubes

Because I love writing stories and I seem to have a gift of telling stories, my friend recently gave me a set of Rory’s story cubes. I heard about it thanks to a friend whom is a writer and wants to use them to spark his creativity. My friend asked me why I didn’t do the same for my stories, and behind my back, ordered me a set of the Rory story cubes (and a mix up set with Clues, because he knew I was writing a detective story).

It would seem like a great exercise to write stories with it, and publish them on this blog, as a bit of a short story muscle to be trained. So I will try to post at least in regular intervals (I can’t promise a specific time, because I don’t write well under pressure, if I tell you every week, I will skip certain weeks, because I feel pressured in doing them. Now I write several posts in one day, while maybe doing nothing for a whole week, most posts here, are written in advance).

The story cubes themselves are packaged in a neat little box, with magnetic clip to close it. The mix cubes are packaged per three cubes, thematically. So you can mix and match.

The way you can use them is up to you. You pick a certain cube and roll it to spark your creativity, you can use 9 cubes to setup a story arc,… It’s really up to you. There is a small booklet included that gives you ideas to do with the cube, and I will list a few of them, in how I use them every time I write my stories. I will use new ways to use them, or try to use a new way, every time I write a story. I don’t know if it will be with connected stories or just stories that stand on their own. I will see while I write them. You can find them under the category: unexpected tales.

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