Books and translations

Thanks to a certain fantasy roleplaying game *cough* dnd *cough* I am attempting to read THE fantasy book series Lord of the Rings again. Mind you… I have attempted this before with a dutch translation in 3 beautiful paperbacks, but got frustrated halfway through the fellowship of the ring and closed it. it took me months to get halfway. It was a very difficult and hard read for me (pre-adhd diagnose). I thought fantasy would be an easy thing for me to read as I breezed through Harry Potter.

The more I read further into the lord of the rings, the more I have the feeling that I have read an abridged version of the same book as whole parts seemed to be missing, or I don’t remember them like that, but this reading experience seems to be much more enjoyable this time around. This time seems more like a book i would love to finish, and that only because I started to read them in a different language, so good translations do matter.

Sadly, I haven’t read one translation that did the original language justice, so be wary of translations. This is why I studied english up to the point where I can keep this blog not in my original language but in a totally different language, same with Dnd, the game I started playing recently, which I also play with a group of english speaking (and one other native dutch speaker) people, which is so fun and why I urge people to read further than their own language as they will miss certain jokes, certain nuances that are not easily translated or not translatable at all.

Every post is written first in scrivener 3, which you can get a 30 day free trial of here at literature and latte.

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