Book Review: Vaccines did not cause Rachel’s Autism by Peter J. Hotez

I had the privilege of getting a review copy of this book, but as with all books I review, I am not biased in any way by getting a free copy.

I will come straight to the point with this one: We need more of these. Anti-vax propaganda is getting a hold and more and more people are deciding that vaccines are evil and should not be given to kids or they might cause *gasp* autism.

This book is an account of a father with an autistic daughter and goes into great detail in how she is, and how she came about. He details that autistic traits were already noticable way before she got her first vaccine.

He also details why vaccines are necessary and how they are developed. He speaks about his family and how it is affected by an autistic member as Rachel. He also speaks about the importance of vaccines and the science and process behind them.

Anti-vaxxers call him a shill and even he talks about how if he would be a shill he should get a cheque in the mail, but he explains how little he makes of of vaccines.

I, myself, have been called a vaccine shill before, and if that would be, I would not be as poor as I am. I still expect my first cheque in the mail, if I am indeed a shill.

It is a wonderful account that is full of real facts, that should be read by anyone.

I must say that the writer of this book is not a full time writer and in times the book will feel like a list of facts instead of a fun-to-read narrative, but the book is still important never the less and it should be read by anyone.

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